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iPhone 3G is Go! …

iPhone 3G Launch!

…but not for everyone. And, by everyone, I mean, me.

While I knew there would be lines around the block at the Apple retail stores, I held out some hope that the situation would be better at the decidedly unglamorous AT&T stores. Miss T and I made an early morning pass at the AT&T store in Davis. No go—there were at least 80 people in line long before the store was scheduled to open at 8 a.m. Resigned to my fate of launch-day non-iPhoneness, I moped onto the train for my daily schlep to Berkeley.

The early-morning line at Berkeley’s Shattuck Avenue AT&T shop was similar to Davis’—maybe 100 people standing around waiting for their chance for 3G goodness. When I went out for lunch at 1 p.m., the line had disappeared. Either demand had dropped off or AT&T ran out of iPhones.

So, while I’ve missed out on ultimate early-adopter bragging rights, I’ve also hopefully avoided launch-day phone activation issues.

We’ll see how it goes.

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