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Table 2…

Table 2

…by a window in the lounge car. Actually, just about all of the seats in this type of lounge car are by a window.

There are three types of lounge cars running on the Capitol Corridor: an old-style Superliner car, and two California Cars, the Cafe Coach and the Dining Car.

The Superliner cars have a snack bar and restrooms downstairs and long-distance recliner seats upstairs (no table seating). The upstairs and downstairs are connected by a narrow, two-turn stairwell and you can’t board the train from this car—the downstairs doors don’t open at the stations. Even though there are windows along the entire length of the car, the Superliner cars are perpetually dark (lack of interior lighting)—in the morning, the darkened car is like a second quiet car.

The California Cafe Coach has a snack bar and restroom downstairs and a mix of commuter seating upstairs (with and without tables). There are also bicycle racks downstairs and you can board the train via the Cafe Coach.

The California Dining Car has a full galley downstairs and a snack bar and table seating upstairs. The bottom-level seating is sometimes reserved for the train crew (though you can access the bathroom) and you can’t board the train via the Dining Car. Both of the California Cars have a wider, straight-path stairwell to move between the upstairs and downstairs.

The Dining Car has by far the least amount of seating and the most amount of space. When it’s part of our train it’s my favorite car.

This Table 2 is on a California Dining Car.

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