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Summer in San Francisco…

Ocean Beach off Sloat

…is everything you’ve heard: foggy, windy, and cold.

Miss T and I went to visit our good friend Pologirl on her last weekend in San Francisco (she’s gone back up to the Pacific Northwest). While it was scorching hot in the Central Valley, pretty much the whole peninsula from Twin Peaks down to Half Moon Bay were socked in with a fluffy white blanket of fog—that ”coldest winter” that everyone attributes to Mark Twain.

We started out in Noe Valley, had a bite to eat under the stern gaze of San Francisco’s unhappiest French waitress, stopped at the beach to stare at the Pacific, then drove south on Highway 1. We stopped again for a fried food break in Half Moon Bay, took some crazy winding road through the redwoods up to Skyline Drive and then headed back to San Francisco on 280 for dessert in West Portal. All-in-all, a (hopefully) pleasant Bay Area send-off for Pologirl.

If you’re interested in photos of fog and French brunch cuisine, take a gander at 10 SF Summer photos on Picasa.

We’ll see you up north, Pologirl!

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