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Anime Expo is coming…

Anime Expo banner

…but Max Pictures isn’t going.

For the first time since we started regularly attending in 1999, Miss T and I are taking a pass on Anime Expo. While my anime life continues on, Max Pictures’ My Anime Life has ground to a halt, and I’ve decided to not return to the convention until I can exhibit the film. I’ve got my fingers crossed for 2009.

If you’d like to see what we were up to at Anime Expo 1999–2007, I’ve posted pics online at 200 Anime Expo photos on Picasaweb. The photos are primarily cosplay, with only one photo posted from 1999, back in our pre-digital era, and the most occurring in 2005, when we were at our most digital-snap-happy.

Hasta luego, Anime Expo.

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