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Red sky in morning…

Smoky morning

…sailor take warning (or so the saying goes).

We definitely had a red sky at the Davis Amtrak station this morning. But, since our little hamlet is a good 75 miles from the nearest ocean coastline, the red sky/sailor thing probably doesn’t apply. It also probably doesn’t apply since our red skies aren’t weather-related, but the result of whichever of the 800 California wildfires are in the not-so-immediate vicinity.

Actually, our local health officials have been warning everyone who breathes about minimizing exposure to the smoky air. So, “Red sky in the morning, caused by dry thunderstorm-ignited wildfires, people with heart disease and arrhythmias can suffer problems with just short exposure to partculate matter in the air. For others, sore throat, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing may result from exercising outdoors.”

That’s a mouthful.

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