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I usually think of cemeteries…

Obelisk for three

…as cool and quiet places—probably because I’m typically there in the dead of night, digging up new graves in search of brains. But, this past Saturday Miss T and I met up with our friend Programmer GIrl and her friend S. for a sweltering hot tour of Sacramento’s old City Cemetery (a.k.a. the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery).

The What’s Blooming in the Cemetery Garden Tour started out as a pleasant enough guided walk of the flora planted amongst the cemetery’s venerable plots and monuments. But, the 80-degree temps that we had at the beginning of the tour (10 a.m.) must have been past 90 by the end of the tour (10:40 a.m.) and I pretty much lost interest in looking at anything in the cemetery besides shade.

You might be able to get an idea of how hot it was from my 30 City Cemetery photos on Picasa. The blown-out photo highlights are an indicator of how clear and bright it was that morning.

Next time I go to the cemetery it had better be spring, fall, or dead of night.

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