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Albany is not the capital of New York

Mai Tai

Well, there is an Albany that is the capital of New York, but there’s also an Albany in the Bay Area (south of El Cerrito and north Berkeley) that isn’t. And, while I don’t know much about either Albany (besides the capital/not capital thing), I now know a good place to have a drink and a good place to have a burger in our Albany of the west. Ultimately, it’s this type of information (vs. the state capitals thing) that’s useful to have.

Originally in search of mai tais*, last week DPete and I started out for Trader Vic’s and ended up at Club Mallard. Nice place. The interior—lit by afternoon sun falling through the Dutch split door, billiard table lamps, and an ESPN-tuned LCD TV—is dark and decorated like a duck-hunting lodge. Apropos. The back patio, on the other hand, is decorated like a tiki hut. Go figure. In honor of both design motifs we had beers and mai tais. There’s also an upstairs area that may or may not be a recreation of a Louis XIV French ballroom or a National Park Service fire watch tower. I have no idea, but hope to find out what’s up there on some future trip.

While the Mallard does have a full bar it does not have food. For sustenance we headed down the street to Al’s Big Burger. Good food. I was so excited when my 1/3-pound bacon burger arrived that I promptly devoured it and forgot to photodocument it. Oh well.

There are more pics of the Mallard’s duck-festooned exterior and Al’s outdoors-brought-indoors interior at maxpixpix on Picasa.

*I don’t recall exactly why we were in search of mai tais that week, but finding some seemed like a good idea at the time.

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