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Thursday, but no Lost


What are we supposed to do on Thursday nights now? Until 2009, I mean.

I suppose you could look at the bright side—Lost returning in February 2009 gives you eight months to stock up on DHARMA Initiative products for your Season 5 premiere party.


Well, here’s a labeling project: DHARMA Initiative Peanuts.

You can make your very own can of DI Peanuts, just like the forbidden peanuts that Miles is holding in the photo above. The best part is that since they’re your very own DHARMA Initiative peanuts, Rose can’t threaten to kick your ass for eating them.

DHARMA Initiative Peanuts

So, get your can of peanuts, download and print out the PDF below, and start stocking up for next year.

Hey, they go great with DHARMA Initiative Beer.

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