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FanimeCon 2008

Miss T and I are back from FanimeCon, an annual Memorial Day weekend celebration of all things of, and related to, anime.

Back in the day, say seven or ten years ago, some of the main reasons to go to an anime convention were to get info on Japanese shows, buy anime merchandise (videos, books, toys, clothing), and watch unavailable-to-the-U.S. market anime programs. The Internet has supplemented or supplanted all of these convention activities via commercial– and fan-based anime sites, online stores, and streaming and downloadable fan-subtitled, Japanese shows. (That being said, Miss T and I did learn a few new things at convention panels, buy some merchandise in the dealers room, and watched one soon-to-be-released-to-the-U.S. market show.)

So if you take away the convenience– and anonymity-enhanced anime info-gathering, merchandise-shopping, and video-watching afforded by our Web 2.0, broadband-accelerated, early-21st Century Internet, what does a fan convention have to offer?

Well, fans, of course.

Fans who will dress up in a big furry Moyashimon suit even though it makes movement and breathing difficult. Fans who will spend hours on costumes, choreography, and practice on a dance routine and skit for the masquerade show. Fans who will clap and cheer when they see their anime heroes on a screen in a video room (and who will boo and hiss when they see villains on the same screen).

Anime fans. There are, of course, those fans who you would want to avoid, but we can get into that another time.

We didn’t take as many photos of cosplayers as we used to and I didn’t shoot any video for My Anime Life. You can see Fanime2008 cosplay photos at Cosplay.com and you can see video from My Anime Life when… when… well, let’s not talk about that right now.

A few of the photos we did shoot:

Thee Out Mods, an L.A./Tokyo J-rock band.

Masquerade winners (Marvel vs. Capcom).

Genshiken of the Inland Empire at the convention’s maid café. (Identities protected for the easily embarrassed.)

For the rest, click over to maxpixpix on Picasa.

Okay, back to work on that script.

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