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Beer tasting

Our sometimes-cameraman, always-beer-drinker friend Kamen Rider invited Miss T and I to a beer tasting at his place over the weekend; how can you say no to something like that? That’s right, you can’t.

KR gave all the guests scorecards so that we could record our impressions (in a variety of categories) of each beer—I performed the tasting (i.e. drinking) of each beer, and Miss T and I collaborated on discerning colors and aromas of the beers. Miss T also took notes and photographs. Aaaand… she ended up driving us home as well.

Sadly, although I drink lots of beer, I have no beer vocabulary. I don’t know the difference between a hoppy vs. a malty taste, and I can only discern four beer colors: yellowish, brownish, reddish, and blackish (and, I suppose, on St. Patrick’s day, greenish). That being said, my modified beer tasting notes follow. (Originally I had scored each beer on a 10-point scale, I’ve changed the rating to Drink or Don’t Drink.)

First taste: Duchy Originals Organic English Ale. Orangey color; fruity aroma; really fizzy then flat; watery, thin texture; light flavor, like the idea of a flavor, and no aftertaste. Actually no beforetaste, either. Don’t Drink.

Second taste: Fullers London Pride Pale Ale. Color of honey; sugary sweet smell; tingly, fine effervescense; beery feel, just… beery; good flavor. Drink.

Third taste: (Black Sheep) Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Beer colored; faint sweet smell; really fizzy, tongue-burningly fizzy; light taste with a tart aftertaste. Drink.

Fourth taste: Black Sheep Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale. Caramel color with red highlights; smells of molasses; strong bite; hoppy taste. Drink.

Fifth taste: Morland Hen’s Tooth English Ale. Color of iodine; off-putting, grassy smell; low carbonation; thin, watery texture; light flavor. Tastes better than it smells, which is to say it had little flavor and a bad smell. Don’t Drink.

Sixth taste: Wychwood Hobgoblin Dark English Ale. Strong tea-colored (or, weak coffee-colored); faint smell of fruit; mild bite; thicker, slippery texture, like broth, except not salty, obviously; tasted okay. Drink.

Seventh taste: Deschutes Cinder Cone Red Seasonal Ale. Color of maple syrup; smell of apricots; slight bite; crisp feel. Drink.

Eighth taste: Greene King Olde Suffolk English Ale. Reddish; woody, slightly sour smell; sweet taste (which is bad). Do Not Drink Under Any Circumstances.

Ninth taste: Beer Valley Black Flag Imperial Stout. Completely black color; sweet aroma; not much bite, but quickly become foamy in your mouth; roasted taste. Uhh, can’t remember, too many beers prior; Drink?

Notice how the notes rapidly started dropping off after the sixth beer. Funny thing, that. I believe there were five or six more beers to “taste,” but I had had it by Round 9. Next time I’ll pace myself better.

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