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ダーマ・イニシアチブ 日本酒

With Bernard and Jin pulling seafood out of the tropical waters surrounding the island, another thing our Lost survivors could use is some good sake. Actually, with all the show’s topsy-turvy timeline and plot zaniness we could all probably use some good sake.

DHARMA Initiative Sake

Someone who did get some good sake recently was our good friend Kamen Rider. For his birthday, KR received a pallet drop of DHARMA Initiative products: DI Sake, DI Instant Coffee, a Hydra station coffee mug, and a notebook from the Staff station. I’m not sure if the combination of goods constituted some sort of stimulant/depressant-type experiment, but who can tell what those Hanso Foundation people are up anyway?

If you’re having trouble getting through to the DHARMA Initiative Japan distribution center, you can mock-up your own DI Sake using a 300ml bottle of some good stuff (in this case tokubetsu junmai nigori sake) and the following PDF:


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