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The King of Kong

The King of Kong Official Site

Miss T and I recently watched The King of Kong, a story of struggle, failure, gamesmanship, tragedy, forthrightness, perseverance, and, triumph.

And Donkey Kong. Lots and lots of Donkey Kong.

Back in junior high I never got good at Donkey Kong, and, based on how devoted these folks are to their gaming, it’s probably a good thing. Unlike the gamers in the documentary who spent (and continue to spend) countless hours and quarters headed down the path to Guinness World Records semi-stardom, I developed my personality (a.k.a. being surly) and played the occasional game of Tempest.

The King of Kong tells the story of those folks who went into the videogame arcade in the ’80s but never came out. You can see their story the same way Miss T and I did—via NetFlix queue.

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