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Not everyone drinks beer

Yes, I know, hard to believe*. But back in February, the folks at CraftPad used our DHARMA Initiative Water and Amber Lager labels to make beverages for a Lost season premiere party—but they didn’t have lager! They had soda! To whit:

…my husband was able to tweak the alcohol label to fit our soda bottles.

No alcohol? What kind of party is that?

Anyway, tweak no more, non-beer-drinking-Lost-beverage-labelers. We’ve done the tweaking for you. Use the handy PDF below…

…to make your own DI Cream Soda, Red Cream Soda, Blue Cream Soda, and Melon Soda. Like the CraftPad people, you can use Jones Soda, but Moxie or Dad’s works fine as well.

DHARMA Initative Sodas

*Actually, Miss T doesn’t drink beer—but I more than make up for that.

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