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Vacation pix posted

Okay, it’s been almost three weeks since Miss T and I returned from Hawaii, and now that my tan has almost worn off, I only have the thousands of photos we shot there to remind me of our tropical getaway. And, there’s the credit card bills. Yeah. Those are going to be a reminder for quite a while.

Palm at dusk

Anyway, you can view three weeks’ of vacation photos at Max Pictures’ Pix (our gallery pages) or at Google’s Picasa Web Albums*. I’ve pared the completely unwieldy 2,100+ photos to a moderately unwieldy 750, so don’t be worried about being inundated with 65 photos of me eating fish tacos.

*“What about Flickr?” you ask. Flickr is great; it’s far more popular and better designed than Picasa. But, Flickr’s free accounts** limit you to displaying 200 photos, so it’s off to Picasa we go!
**Yeah, Flickr’s Pro accounts are only $24.95 a year, but, dang it, I’m already paying subscription fees on so many other things that I couldn’t add another one.

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