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January was a slow month

But, time flies when you’re on vacation.

Miss T and I jetted out for Hawaii early in January and returned just last week. While we were gone, we missed out on Macworld Expo, the Lost premiere, and a ton of Northern California rain. We’re just now getting caught up—we read about the Macworld announcements online, picked up the Lost season 4 premiere on iTunes, and were doused by the rainstorms this weekend.

By next week we’ll hopefully be back to blogging and posting DHARMA Initiative product labels. And, after I’ve culled the 2,100+ vacation photos shot by Miss T, her brother-in-law E (Miss T’s family took a vacation, too), and myself, they’ll go up in the Max Pictures gallery. In the meantime, here’s a sunset photo from Waikiki Beach.

Sunset off Waikiki Beach

Ahhh… vacation.

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