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The LC is dead, long live the MacBook Pro*

Macintosh LC and 12-inch monitor

Long ago, in a land far, far away, I had a Macintosh LC. The LC was maxed out with 10 MB of RAM and an 80 MB hard drive. Its 68020 processor hummed along at a placid 16 MHz and it communicated to other computers via 1.44 MB floppies and 250 Kbps Localtalk. The LC had no modem because there were only four pages on the Web at the time and they were all in Switzerland. It was 1991 and the LC and 12-inch RGB monitor cost $2400 and barely ran Adobe Illustrator and Aldus PageMaker.

Last weekend, during a round of electronic-recycling prep, I hauled the LC out of the garage, hooked up the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and flipped the power switch.

Nothing happened.

Somewhere in the intervening years and miles since I had last used the machine, the LC had given up the ghost.

So, back in the boxes went the LC and monitor, and they joined an old SCSI scanner, fax machine, 14-inch monitor, and Power Macintosh 7600. Miss T and I hauled the lot off to San Francisco, and deposited them with the Computer Recycling Center.

*The actual line of succession of my Mac household: Mac Plus > LC > 6100 > 7600 > iMac G3 > PowerBook G3 > iMac G4 > PowerBook G4 > MacBook Pro.

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