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Happy DHARMAween!

The fall television season started weeks ago, but sadly we’re still three or so months away from the start of the fourth season of Lost. We’re also still a month or more away from the DVD release of the third season of the show. In these trying times, what’s a Lost fan to do?

Make DHARMA Initiative product labels, maybe?

So, if the DHARMA folks celebrated Halloween on the island, what do you suppose they handed out to all the trick-or-treating DI kids? Candied apples? Apollo bars? Hard to say. Until there’s a Lost Halloween special with flashback sequences of Benjamin Linus going door-to-door, we’ll have to guess what the kids at the compound got when they went out chanting, “Trick or treat!” Maybe they got to pick a candy out of a bowl like this one:

DI Mini Chocolates bowl

If you’d like to make up your own bowl of DHARMA Initiative Miniature Chocolates, a bag of Hershey’s Miniatures and the PDF below should do the trick.

4 varieties of DI mini chocolates

Happy Halloween!

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