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Analog-to-digital and back again

Looking at the interval between the previous post and this one, you can tell it’s been a slow month. This is partially due to a lack of any noteworthy activity on my part (including blog-posting) and partially due to a near-obsessive focus on photography—specifically my own photography (photos I’ve taken, not photos of me). This on-again off-again preoccupation with “mah pretty pitchers” has recently re-manifested itself in three forms: First, duplicating all that old, real-world film into time-indestructible digital format; second, looking for fame (if not fortune) on oh-so-now Flickr.com; and, third, actually getting said digital (or digitized) photography printed (not into 3-by-5 prints, of course, but into cool little booklets, or postcards, or mini-cards).

Since a walkthrough of film scanning services and techniques followed by a tutorial on image editing and cataloging would be 2 parts long and 3 parts boring, allow me to point you to Max Pictures’ Flickr page (under the not-so-helpful moniker maxpixpix) where I’ve uploaded some 150 or so of the 4,400+ images currently floating around in my iPhoto ’08 library.

525 at DAV

More on this later (unless my compulsion with the photography or the blog goes on the wane).

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