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Perseid meteor shower

There’s one advantage to living out in the agricultural-boonies of Central Valley (in our case, Davis), you can see the stars at night.

Miss T and I pointed the xB away from Davis and Sacramento, drove about five miles, and stopped in the middle of some God-knows-what farmland. It wasn’t completely pitch black, but the city lights and occasional passing car were distant enough to let my little-used night vision adjust to pupils-as-big-as-saucers mode. Having been a city– and suburb-boy for the majority of my life, I’m still amazed by the sight of thousands of stars in a clear night sky.

In any event, we weren’t out in cornfield country just to get a clearer look at constellations, we were there for the start of the 2007 Perseid meteor shower. I saw five shooting stars in about 30 minutes. Miss T saw more.

Sometimes you gotta love country living.

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