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Anime Expo 2007 musings

Following are some thoughts I scribbled in my notebook immediately post-AX (Anime Expo). I may expound on them at some later point.

Physical effects

  • Humid weather is tiring
  • I’m getting old (and, to a lesser extent, Miss T is too)
  • Hotels are getting cheaper (as in: not as good)
  • Have I mentioned the humidity?
  • Parking at the Renaissance Long Beach sucks
  • Hard floors tire your feet out (vs. carpeted)
  • Humidity makes other people smelly
  • Long Beach vs. Anaheim
  • Older ears and rock concerts—don’t forget the earplugs

The Expo

  • Not so many cosplay pix—too many cosplayers (overload)
  • AX bigger every year
  • Good to see old AX friends
  • Funny to see what kinds of parents bring their kids to AX
  • Notes from industry panel
  • Ruminations on the Exhibit Hall/dealers room
  • Cosplay cuties and creepy old guys
  • ORESKABAND rocks. S.O.S. Brigade, not so much.
  • Spent money—too much money
  • Arrived a day late; left a day early


  • iPhone. How I could have used the iPhone
  • Cell phones are the new concert lighter
  • Digital SLRs are cool (it would seem)
  • Nintendo DSes are the handheld gaming platform of choice
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