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Google Maps sees all…

…in even greater detail.

With Lost on hiatus until February 2008 my brain has temporarily shut down. To keep the blather going, here’s a re-post from one of the blogs that I work on for my day job.

This one’s probably old news by now, but in case you haven’t been checking the Interwebs lately, the latest cool/privacy-shatteringly-frightening tool to come from Google is Street View.

Street View is part of Google Maps, and before you can say “Oh yeah, I saw the satellite photo thing, like, a year ago” let me point out that Street View was just launched this last week. And, before you can ask “Okay, smart guy, if Street View isn’t the satellite photo thing, then what is it?” let me provide you with two links:

Reactions in the office have ranged from mildly amused to completely horrified to consumed with chafing and rage (though that may have nothing to do with Street View).

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