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Last Lost (for now)

The Lost season finale is tonight and I, like many fans out there, had designs on some celebration of this year’s two best hours of television. My initial thoughts were for a gathering where food, drink, and friends would be in abundance, and we would watch the finale on a 52-inch HDTV in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. Unfortunately I couldn’t make any home theater-owning, Lost-watching, food– and drink-providing friends in time for tonight’s show. It’s a shame really, because I would have brought a bottle of DHARMA Initiative Merlot to the soirée.

DHARMA Initiative Merlot

If you happen to be headed to some fancy-pants, high-definition Lost finale party there’s still time to prepare your own DI Merlot. All you need is an easily-relabeled, 750ml bottle of (duh) merlot and the following PDF:

I’ll be saving my bottle for when I have my own HDTV Lost finale party—possibly three years from now.

(If you’re not a wine drinker, there are lots of other DI food and drink labels in our running Post o’ DHARMA Initiative labels.)

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