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The good stuff

The Hanso Foundation DHARMA Initiative may have been running mind games on its people (à la the Pearl Station’s useless data collection deal) but the group did seem to understand what people needed to stay happy—hot water, Mama Cass music, a sonic barrier to keep the black smoke away, regular food drops, and most important: booze.

It doesn’t seem like the food drop that the losties snagged contained alcoholic beverages, but we know that Hanso did produce at least three types of libations under the DHARMA Initiative label: beer, merlot, and vodka.

DI drinks

Now, we can’t guess at the quality of the vodka that Mikhail used for surgical purposes (on Sayid), but you can guarantee the quality of your DHARMA Initiative Vodka by downloading the PDF below:

DHARMA Initiative Vodka

Personally, I like Stolichnaya, so the above PDF label is designed to fit the classic, long-body/short-neck 750 mL Stoli bottle. So, print out a label, make up a bottle, and watch tonight’s Lost with a DHARMA Initiative screwdriver or vodka greyhound in hand. Чр трјх чфю№ютќх (Za vashe zdorov’ye)!

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