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Little Lost sausages in cans

Another islander-type food that seems to be missing from the regular DHARMA Initiative food drops are Vienna sausages. I remember as a kid wondering who the Viennese were and why they seemed to like cylindrical–/capsule-shaped foods like Vienna sausages and Vienna fingers. Do they even sell Vienna fingers anymore? I guess they do.

Folks who live in tropical climates seem to consume more food from cans (this is from my experience living in tropical climates eating food from cans). Could be because canned food can keep from spoiling without refrigeration. Could also be because canned food is super-salty-yummy-good. And, people living in tropical climes… need more salt. I don’t know. At any rate, why should our Lost survivors be any different?

DHARMA initiative Vienna Sausages

Whether or not little, salty sausages in cans show up amidst the Lost castaways’ battles with their own emotional turmoil and the Others, you can make your own DHARMA Initiative Vienna sausages by downloading the PDF below:

Mmmm, salty.

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