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Keep your Lost notes

You may have noticed Charlie writing in a composition book during last week’s Lost. (I’m assuming he was working on a Drive Shaft comeback hit since he had his guitar with him.) But you may not have noticed that he was using a DHARMA Initiative data collection notebook—you know, then ones they had at the Pearl Station for scribbling down notes on people at the Swan (as explained in the Pearl Orientation Video).

Charlie and his notebook

As usual, the completely trivial appearance of this item (onscreen for less than two seconds) has prompted me to spend up to an hour creating, yes, you guessed it:

DHARMA Initiative Data Collection Notebook

Actually, it’s pretty much just the Pearl Station logo. Instructions for making your data collection notebook are:

  1. Download PDF from link above
  2. Print out PDF on full sheet label stock
  3. Carefully cut out labels using the 8 pairs of crop marks
  4. Lay comp book back side up, spine on the left
  5. Apply Pearl Station logo about 1.5-inches from top, centered left-to-right
  6. Sit in front of television monitor, note down the exact behavior of every person you see until the notebook is full
  7. Repeat from step 4

If you want to go all out Lost-otaku-crazy (like me!), then hold off until I post full-on DHARMA Initiative Data Collection Notebook comp book replacement covers have fun using your data collection notebook to jot down calculations that will let you sidestep destiny and the straight path of time.

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