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Cherry Blossom Festival

Beer & Sake banner

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival (at San Francisco’s Japantown) is not so much an opportunity to contemplate cherry blossoms as it is an opportunity to drink free sake on a public street. That’s kind of my take on it. There are, of course, cultural demonstrations of Japanese folk dancing, martial arts, kimonos, pottery, etc., but for me the festival is all about street-fair food. And beer. And sake.

You can see some of my and Miss T’s recent (like, last Saturday) cherry blossom festival contemplations in this pix album.

Later, we met up with our from-Seattle, San Francisco-friend Polo Girl and our from-Seattle, still-in-Seattle-friend Racer S. We met them for dinner at Pres a Vi. The food was completely different (from the street-fair) and totally excellent (as was the street-fair food). More on that later, perhaps.

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