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Not your generic Lost beer…

Max Pictures’ good friend and sometimes cameraman/sound engineer Kamen Rider recently celebrated a birthday. To honor his many years of service to humanity I set out on the not-so-easy task of making DHARMA Initiative beer labels.

“Why not-so-easy?” you ask. Well, not-so-easy because:

  1. I had to pick beer that Kamen Rider would like
  2. Kamen Rider likes better beers
  3. Better beers are more likely to be in customized (especially with the brewer’s name) bottles
  4. A DHARMA Initiative prop should be as generic as possible

If you haven’t noticed, points 3 and 4 don’t quite jibe with each other. Therein lay my problem.

In the end I settled on bottled GUINNESS® Draught. On the one hand it has this ‘rocket widget’ which is supposed to make it cascade every time the bottle is tipped (which is weird), and it comes in a uniquely-shaped bottle. On the other hand it had an easy-to-remove label, and I was running out of time for other options.

If you’d like to convert your own bottles of GUINNESS Draught into DHARMA Initiative products download the PDF:

DHARMA Initiative Pasteurized Stout

I highly recommend printing the labels onto full-sheet self-adhesive label stock (Avery 5265 or equivalent). After carefully trimming and affixing the labels to the bottles, black out the harp logo on the caps with a paint marker or Sharpie. Chill for at least three hours and serve.

Finally, because of the tapered shape of the bottle, the body label tends to pucker at the top. But, after drinking three or four you won’t care. Sláinte!

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