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I’m a Mac. (But PC is funnier.)

I'm a Mac. I'm a PC.

Unless you’ve been under a rock (TV-wise) for the past year or so, you’ve probably seen Apple’s “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC.” commercials. John Hodgeman, who plays the PC in the ads was recently on NPR’s This American Life speaking about his experiences as someone who has become ‘somewhat famous’ (from having written a book, appearing on The Daily Show, and of course, the Apple ads). His talk is pretty funny and you can download the entire show for free from the iTunes Store.

Hodgeman’s segment starts at around 8 minutes, 16 seconds and runs about 11 minutes. The rest of this This American Life episode talks about astronauts, a man who worked in the industry that buys annuities from lottery winners, Sarah Vowell, and a UCLA student that has few or no employment opportunities once she graduates. All good stuff and you can’t beat the price.

[From MacUser]

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