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Product placement?

Is it just me or did Lost move into familiar television territory last week? No, I’m not referring to the return of the show to Lost-normalcy after the swift, fan-induced demise of Nikki and Paulo (from Lost-meets-Twilight Zone-meets-V.I.P. episode ‘Exposé’). What caught my attention last Wednesday was the occurrence of what seemed suspiciously like product placement. Yes, that’s right. Product placement. In case you’ve forgotten this bit of dialogue between Sawyer and Charlie (What? You haven’t watched the episode over and over again at ABC.com or downloaded an HD rip via IRC or BitTorrent*? For shame.) here’s the snippet from when Charlie was commending Sawyer on his boar-barbecuing prowess: Charlie: “Ah, it’s delicious.” Sawyer: “Just a little DHARMA A-1 and paprika.” There you go. A-1 Sauce. The bottle of DHARMA A-1 figures prominently in the scene with Sawyer holding it approvingly during his conversation with Charlie. The A-1 bottle appears on screen just short of 30 seconds and is pretty much placed in the foreground for about half of that time.

A-1 on the table

This raises some questions:

  • Did Kraft Foods pay a promotional consideration to have their product DHARMA-ized, misnamed (it’s actually A.1.), and then mentioned on the show?
  • Why create a DI A-1 Sauce—why not a DHARMA Initiative 57 Sauce? Or a 15 + 42 Sauce?
  • Is Kraft Foods actually a front for the shadowy Hanso Foundation?
  • Does the Lost production art department just like A.1. Steak Sauce?
  • Who puts A.1. on pork anyway?
  • Am I just spending way too much time looking at food items on Lost?

To help you mull over the answers to these clearly compelling questions I’ve provided the following label PDF:

DHARMA Initiative A-1 Sauce

If you actually go through the trouble of making your own DI A-1 Sauce then, congratulations, you too are spending way too much time looking at food items from the show. (I won’t go into all the travails of removing the labels from the A.1. bottle or getting the thing on frakking straight—you’re on your own from here.) On the off-chance that you a. don’t have any A.1. bottles to convert, or b. aren’t geeky enough to actually want to go through the hassle (see ‘travails’ above), then here are some easy-to-apply Lost can labels:

DHARMA Initiative Diced Organic Tomatoes

DHARMA Initiative Evaporated Milk

The Tomatoes PDF contains labels for plain old diced tomatoes and holier-than-thou organic diced tomatoes (’cause that’s how we roll at Max Pictures). No photo of cans of DI corn since I don’t have canned corn to convert. Okay, now to find something to pour this DHARMA Initiative A-1 Sauce on. *Kids, do not download copyrighted material you haven’t paid for!

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