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Salvaged from The Flame

Ah, The Flame. Why did Locke have to blow the whole place up (in Episode ‘Enter 77’)? Wait, was it because it was called The Flame?

Anyway, it seems that all is not lost (ugh, bad pun). After all, Sayid did grab the barracks map (presumedly) from the DHARMA Initiative Operations Manual binder.

Sayid examines DHARMA Initiative manuals

In any case, if you’d like to make your own DHARMA Initiative Operations Manual (or better yet, a Food Label Guidelines binder), download the PDFs below.

We printed out our binder covers and spines and inserted them into white, 2.5-inch view binders. Now they’re all neatly arranged on shelves in our C-4-wired basement. Enjoy!

Make your own DHARMA Initiative binders

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