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Lost again

Okay, it’s Wednesday again, and Wednesday means Lost. And Lost means more DHARMA Initiative food labels (well, around here it does).

First, a label-related story. This all started with Miss T pointing me to the Insanely Great Tees News item about their Lost-viewing party complete with DHARMA Initiative-branded food. They posted PDFs of their labels online, which is great, so I followed suit and created and posted my labels too. A Google search for DHARMA Initiative Lost labels turned up others who had done the same, and my heart was warmed with the knowledge that this whole Internet spirit-of-sharing-(non-copyrighted works, of course)-world-without-borders thing was well and truly good.

On the other hand, I found a (since closed and now re-opened) eBay auction for DHARMA Initiative labels as well as tons of unlicensed DHARMA Initiative t-shirts, stickers, mugs, and whatnot.

At first I was ticked off. “Opportunistic pri–… uh, prigs,” I thought. Then, I wondered if those of us who were just giving it away were being naïve in a world where every endeavor is just a way to make a buck. Then I wondered if the fans who were making all these labels for free were violating the intellectual property rights of the producers of the show. “Surely that can’t be,” I reasoned, “’cause we’re fans and we love the show and it’s just for fun and we’re not making money off it.”

For now I’ve decided to not worry about it.

I mean, it’s not like I broke onto the Lost set or something.

Anyway, for those of you who like making props:



The prop water bottles are easy to make and should work for any .5 L bottled water (they are perfectly sized for Arrowhead bottles, though).

DHARMA Initiative Water

The mints are more of a pain. Start with a tic tac® mints 6-pack (the 6-pack labels are shorter than the individual pack labels). Carefully peel of the really, really sticky label. Now you have a blank canvas. After printing the lost_mints.pdf on 20-up 4×1-inch label stock (Avery 5261 or equivalent), carefully apply to your mints box. Et voila!

DHARMA Initiative Mints

Now you have mints and water—you can start a DHARMA Initiative diet craze!

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