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A better comp book

Old and busted

I like comp(osition) books. I’ve been putting down my inane ramblings and inept drawings in Mead, 100-sheet, 200-page composition books for years. By the time I’m done with one, they look like the photo above—beat-up and beaten down. Now, arranged on bookshelves by the thousands (ala John Doe’s apartment in Se7en), these thrashed comp books are pretty impressive. But, when you whip one out in a trendy café or at your arraignment or something, let’s say appearances can work against you.

Fortunately, you can dress up your old, end-of-life comp books and protect your new, this-year-is-going-to-be-better comp books with a Timbuk2 Notebook Cover (or as they put it, Notebook Cover – Composition). I got mine in black (to be très chic, but they’ve got other colors too), and am enjoying it very much. Now no one looks twice as I edit draft 127 of my manifesto (maybe three times, but I’m sure it’s to admire the cover).

New hotness

Still the same inside

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