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Lost SPAM® found

Before last week’s episode of Lost I lamented… okay, complained… okay, mentioned… Anyway, I talked about how the Losties had lots of DHARMA Initiative chow to eat, but what they really should be eating (as good islanders should) is canned chili and SPAM.

Now I know why the tail section survivors didn’t have any stores of Hawaii’s favorite processed meat—the Others were keeping it all for themselves:

SPAM in the fridge
Inside Benjamin Linus’ fridge ^^^

It’s a little fuzzy in my lo-res screenshot above, but you can see that the Lost production art department has labeled their SPAM tin ‘SPICED PORK AND HAM,’ which is kind of what SPAM is supposed to stand for. Hormel’s official word is that it’s short for ‘spiced ham’ but it’s also been purported that SPAM is an acronym of ‘shoulder of pork and ham.’ The can of meat in Ben’s refrigerator is kind of a mash-up of truth, legend, and marketing. Regardless, I suppose I’ll have to change my labels to match.

My only question: Who keeps SPAM in their fridge? The thing is engineered to have a near-infinite shelf life. Clearly the Others are not as on top of things as they would have us believe.

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