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What Lost islanders should really be eating

Photo of cans of DHARMA Initiative Chili with Beans

Every week the Lost survivors can be seen consuming food found naturally on the island—fruit, fish, shellfish, boar (though lately not so much)—and DHARMA Initiative supplies—canned vegetables, pasta, cookies, crackers, etc. But, as anyone who’s spent time in Hawaii (where Lost is filmed) can attest, there are some foodstuffs that are sorely missing from the survivors’ island cupboards. Chief among them are chili and SPAM®.

Photo of cans of DHARMA Initiative Processed Meat

To remedy the situation I’ve taken the superb idea from the Insanely Great Tees folks and applied it to two of my favorite larder items (the aforementioned chili and SPAM). You can make your own DHARMA Initiative-labeled items with the downloadable PDFs linked below, scissors, tape, and canned chili and SPAM (you do have some socked away, don’t you?).

And, from my earlier post:

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