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Lost-/Insanely Great Tee's-inspired chocolate bar labels

I’m not sure if I saw this on an aggregator site somewhere (like popurls) or if Miss T pointed it out to me, but last week I read about the folks at Insanely Great Tees having a Lost-viewing party complete with DHARMA Initiative-labeled food and drink.

How could I not want to do the same thing. I mean, really.

In any case, I downloaded their PDF labels and looked at the food products that I had on hand. I quickly found that I didn’t have the same snacks that the Insanely Great Tees folks had labels for, and that their labels were not quite Lost-y enough (for me). To wit, some of the type and graphic elements present in the TV show items were missing (perhaps to avoid the copyright-attention of ABC and the Lost producers).

Anyway, thanks to the frightening amount of written and visual information at Lostpedia I modded the Insanely Great Tees’ artwork to make my own DHARMA Initiative Milk Chocolate labels. You can make your own by downloading and printing out the PDF. And, with some scissors, double-stick tape, and Hershey’s King Size Milk Chocolate bars (2.6 OZ) you’ll be commiserating with Hugo over what to do with all this DHARMA Initiative food.

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