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And the winner is…

It’s interesting watching the Academy Awards®. It’s an industry event—like a dentist convention—but the whole world watches it. I guess the people that show up for the Oscars® are just generally more attention-getting than those that show up for the 147th American Dental Association Annual Session.

Of the 58 movies nominated for awards, Miss T and I saw 6 of them. So, in many of the award categories I hadn’t seen most (or any) of the films being nominated. But, of course that didn’t stop me from having unqualified opinions on who should or shouldn’t win. That’s just human nature, right? And, as I understand it, that’s pretty much how the Oscar winners are chosen. I also think that’s how we elect government officials and enact laws, but that’s a topic for another time.

In any case, some blather on the 79th Academy Awards:

  • Pixar got robbed. Happy Feet? Over Cars? Come on. (I only saw Cars.)
  • The Departed for Best Picture (and Best Adapted Screenplay). Sure, why not? I saw it. It was good. It was based on the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. And, in his Best Director acceptance speech, Martin Scorsese even gave a shout-out to Infernal Affairs’ director Andrew Lau.
  • Forest Whitaker gave the best acceptance speech. I didn’t see The Last King of Scotland but I’ve seen Whitaker in several other things. I was rooting for him on this one.
  • An Inconvenient Truth for Best Documentary. I cheered when they announced it as winner. It was almost like Al Gore received an Academy Award—which would have been odd, because, as evidenced in his bit with Leonardo DiCaprio, the former Vice President can’t act.
  • An Inconvenient Truth for Best Original Song (Melissa Etheridge’s ‘I Need to Wake Up’). Meh. The only other work from this category that I’d heard was Randy Newman’s ‘Our Town’ from Cars. I’m not big on musicals, biopics, semi-bio-pics, or semi-musical-biopics, so I wasn’t that interested in any of the Dreamgirls music. I guess I just wasn’t that thrilled with ‘I Need to Wake Up.’ I suppose I liked ‘Our Town’ better, but Randy Newman’s won an Oscar before, so, Melissa Etheridge—why not?

So, of the 58 nominated films I’ve seen 5 (Miss T saw 1 more than I did). Of the 53 I haven’t seen, I want to see 8. Not included in those 8 are the 4 documentary features and 4 documentary shorts which I should see (being a would-be documentary filmmaker and all). But, instead I’ll watch the backlog of anime that I’ve been whittling away at (down to 20 or so hours now).

And, there’s Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.

It’s a wonder anything gets done around here.

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