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Getting out 2: The saga continues

So, the San Francisco Ferry Building got a $100 million makeover and now looks like, well, a million bucks. Maybe 10 million bucks. (I guess it’s hard to imagine what a 100 million bucks is supposed to look like.) All in all the refurb is pretty amazing and gives Bay Area folks a moderately upscale place on the waterfront to avoid tourists. And they didn’t even have to displace a ton of homeless people to do it. Let’s hear it for gentrification that works!

Anyway, as I started relating in the previous post, Miss T and I met up with Pologirl at the Ferry Building before heading over to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

In the past I’ve gone to SFMOMA and come away feeling, “Wow, I really like that building.” Or, “Wow, that modern art makes me want to find the artist and hold his head underwater.” For whatever reason this last trip to SFMOMA left me feeling like modern art was actually a good thing. Even Phil Collins’ near-useless New Work didn’t get me down.

A few things could have been working in my favor on this particular SFMOMA jaunt. First, I got a $2 discount on admission for having downloaded the museum’s artcast onto my iPod (almost anything iPod-related makes me happy). Second, the weather was nice and we’d just had a pretty good brunch at the Ferry Building’s Saturday farmers market. Third, some guy who got stood up by a friend gave us his now-extra ticket so Miss T got into the museum for free. Fourth, the art was actually interesting. I didn’t feel particularly moved by any of it (was I supposed to?), but I liked it.

So, all in all, a win-win-win.

Photo - Outside SFMOMA skylight
SFMOMA’s skylight (outside)

Photo - Inside SFMOMA skylight
SFMOMA’s skylight (inside)

Photo - Looking down Haas Atrium
Haas Atrium

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