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Getting out

There’s nothing like getting out and experiencing something different to show you that you’re completely boring.

For instance, I was running late this morning and missed my train by a few minutes. So, I had to sit in the station for an hour until the next train came. Now, like it or not, the station attendant had the radio tuned to some country station based out of who-knows-where and I sat and listened to it for the duration of my wait (it was 31° outside and I figured an hour of country music would hurt less than an hour of sub-freezing weather). So there you have it—something different. Though… the country music didn’t make me feel boring as much as bored… and it reminded me to get to the station on time.

What was my point again?

Right, getting out. And, being boring.

So, Miss T and I ventured out to San Francisco this weekend to catch up with our friend, Pologirl. (Sorry Pologirl, I couldn’t think up a better handle for you. Maybe Avedagirl. Maybe not.) Our plan was to meet up at the San Francisco Ferry Building, have some lunch, then head to SFMOMA. “Come for the ferry terminal, stay for the art.” Or, something like that.

I remember the ferry building from my freelancing/living-in-Vallejo days when I used to take the ferry from Vallejo to San Francisco. The 50-minute ferry ride was pleasant (if expensive) and possibly the best part of my workday was walking along the Embarcadero through Fisherman’s Wharf and past Ghirardelli Square. On the way back home I usually hopped a Muni bus or trolley car to the ferry terminal. But, neither coming nor going did I bother entering the terminal. In a word, the ferry building was sad. They didn’t even need country music to keep me out.

With low ceilings and fluorescent tube lighting, the ferry terminal was clearly past its heyday, whenever that might have been. But, that was back in the late ’90s. Today the ferry building is an example of what a little time (3 years) and a little money ($100M) can do.

Photo - Inside the renovated San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace
Above the Ferry Building Marketplace

Photo - One of the shops inside the renovated San Francisco Ferry Building
A gelato shop inside the Ferry Building

More later.

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