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iWant an iPhone

The Apple faithful gaze at the fabled iPhone

This week Miss T and I made our yearly pilgrimage to San Francisco’s Moscone Center for Macworld Expo, a celebration of all things Apple. It used to be all things Macintosh, but that’s changed in recent years with the growth of the iPod, the iTunes Store, and, of course, the iPhone.

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 48 hours you’ve probably already heard about the iPhone—Apple’s recently-announced mobile phone, iPod, and Internet device. If you have been under a rock, here are a few links regarding the announcement:

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone and Apple TV during his keynote speech at Macworld Expo. Miss T and I weren’t on hand to watch Jobs live, but we did get a near-real-time play-by-play via our Seattle-based friend, Autoteknik. Autoteknik was reading a live blog of the event on his trusty PowerBook. He’d then ring Miss T’s mobile as we were enroute to Macworld and fill us in on all the “Oh my God” moments as they unfolded, textwise, on his screen.

Fueled with our third-hand product-announcement knowledge, on arrival at the expo we braved the slavering crowd surrounding the singular, glass-encased iPhone display. And—viewing it through glass from a tantalizingly close two feet away—do I want an iPhone?

Oh yes.

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