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New blog just like the old blog

Those of you who used to peruse the old Transit blog may have wondered what happened to it (i.e. why the last post was on March 14, 2005). Well, the main reason for the dearth and eventual complete lack of posts can be laid solely at the feet of iBlog. No pun intended. You know, ‘solely,’ ‘feet’…

Anyway, I’d mentioned before that iBlog (the old blogging software I was using) was kind of wonky. Sometime after that final post in March 2005 iBlog stopped working completely. Just. Stopped. Working. What happened was: I upgraded the software in the hopes that it would work better. Whether the upgrade worked better or not—I’ll never know. The upgrade didn’t recognize my old serial number and wouldn’t allow me to make new posts. At that point, fed up with iBlog’s general crap behavior, I gave up on the software altogether.

Time passed. The surface of the Earth cooled. I decided to find a different blog software.

Then, after months of exhaustive research (reading one online article) and general laziness I decided on WordPress. Actually, I think that DreamHost (the web-hosting company I use) started offering an easy, one-click WordPress install for all DreamHost sites. So, I one-clicked, filled in some forms, clicked again, filled in another form, and clicked yet again, and started the blog here at maxpictures.com.

That was in October 2005.

Life began to form as single-cell organisms in the nutrient-rich oceans of the nascent Earth. I puzzled over how to integrate WordPress’ default format into Max Pictures’ incredibly sexy cat-silhouette format. CSS– and PHP-editing would have to be involved.

More time passed.

This past December, in another bout of work-avoidance (avoiding doing storyboards for My Anime Life), I decided a maxpictures.com site update was in order. Now, it may just look like I added a drop-shadow to everything, but I’ll assure that I didn’t add over 50 million lines of code to just add drop shadows. No way. It was more like 12 lines of code. And some drop-shadow graphics. But, the important thing is, I had to update the photo gallery pages to match the new layout. And, CSS and PHP editing would have to be involved.

Dinosaurs roamed the land, then hid out of embarrassment after the release of Ice Age: The Meltdown. I delved deep into the heart of Gallery’s HTML, CSS, and PHP plumbing, became confused, and just started randomly changing things on the Max Pictures photo gallery pages.

After much trial and error and error and… error… I finally got the gallery pages 86% of the way to where I wanted them. At that point I lost interest in the photo gallery and turned my attention to the WordPress/blog layout which had laid dormant for over a year.

And, as you can see for yourself, the blog layout is almost there. My work is finally done.

Now if I could only think of something else to blog about besides the blog itself.

Happy New Year!

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