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Train Life Wins Award (But No Screening)


BERKELEY, CA – Bucking the trend set by other film festivals—San Diego Asian Film Festival, Sacramento Film and Music Festival, Hawai‘i International Film Festival, Austin Film Festival—Berkeley Video & Film Festival (BV&FF) has recognized Train Life with a Best of Festival award in the documentary category. However, like the aforementioned festivals, BV&FF will not screen Train Life during its festival weekend, October 15–17. Instead, “BV&FF is planning supplemental screenings in late 2004 (and) 2005… to accommodate the overwhelming response to this (year’s) Festival.”

Train Life director, editor, cameraman, DVD producer Cal Ixton was pleased to hear of his film’s award status. “I guess I’ll go to the awards ceremony on October 15th. I hope they have nachos. I mean, what kind of film festival awards would it be without nachos?”

Train Life, a documentary about commuters travelling between California’s Central Valley and Bay Area, distills 70,000 miles of train-riding experience into a 23-minute glimpse of the onboard lives of 12 Capitol Corridor commuters. The whats, whens, and whys of these travelers are revealed in interviews aboard the trains and railway platforms where they spend vast amounts of their waking hours.

ABOUT MAX PICTURES – Using consumer-accessible digital video cameras and software, Max Pictures makes microbudget independent and documentary films.

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