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Schooling II

The problem with hanging out in public spaces—like Yerba Buena Gardens—is that, well, it’s public. Actually, that’s not quite fair. The down-and-out-looking guy singing by the fountain (which is a pretty darn cool fountain, by the way—ask me about it sometime) isn’t bothering anyone. His singing’s not so great, but I guess we can’t all be John Fogerty, can we?

I lost my train of thought.

Anyway, I’m hanging out here in San Francisco, finishing off the remnants of my no-longer-iced tall americano (Starbucks, sorry guys), lingering just a little bit before heading into work. I’m here in the city before work instead of riding the train from Davis because of Final Cut Pro 303, a night class I took at Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) (Bay-vac, as it’s called, though it seems like it should be Bav-c) and because of the hospitality of my co-worker, El Profesor. El Profesor graciously put me up at La Casa de El Profesor for the duration of my two-night class.

No point to any of this, just musing. I guess it would have been more interesting if I’d taken a photo of the park, but you can’t have everything, I suppose.

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