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Kitchen progress (of sorts)

Hi, folks,

In case any of you were wondering—and I know you weren’t—our kitchen remodel still isn’t done yet. “But you’ve been working on it for three-and-a-half years!” you say. “Mountains have eroded to dust and new ones have sprouted up in less time!” you say. Yes, this is all true. But, keep in mind that Miss T and I (especially me) work at an exceedingly slow pace. Exceedingly. Slow. Pace. Ex… ceed… ing… well, you get the picture.

Anyways, after months of inactivity borne of… inactiveness, Miss T and I finally got around to buying the cabinets (from IKEA—see below). And after a couple or six more weeks of “haven’t put the cabinets up yet”-action guess what? The cabinets are up! Almost.

You can see from the bottom photo that the doors aren’t attached to the cabinet with the range hood strapped to the bottom but I’m thinkin’ by this time next year we’ll just about have those doors put on. And, seven years from now we’ll have that new sink ready to go! Yup, I can see it now… good times.

Mmmm… new cabinetry

Check out that ductwork! Oh yessss!

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