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IKEA confirmation

Just to reiterate, the best time to go shopping at IKEA is Thursday night about an hour before the store closes. Conversely, one of the worst times to go is on Sunday. I think pretty much the whole weekend is a crappy time to be anywhere in the vicinity of an IKEA.

When the Divine Miss T and I drove to Emeryville last Sunday (after a kitchen skirmish with the ant colony just outside The Hut’s south wall) to pick up yet more cabinetry, we encountered the throngs of shoppers that I believe are typical of IKEA’s weekend traffic. Having not been in the midst of such a retail logjam in a long time, I initially thought that there was an upside (up-side?) to the Sunday consumer cattle drive that Miss T and I ambled into—you know, see our American society in microcosm or some other such nonsense. On further reflection, though, it was just another occasion to see stupid people in action. Stupid people in the parking lot, stupid people causing traffic, stupid people on escalators, stupid people blocking aisles, stupid people in the checkout line, stupid people trying to get refunds for items that they bought seven months ago—you know, stupid people.

Now, mind you, the vast majority of folks I encountered at IKEA last Sunday seemed perfectly capable of shopping (or servicing customers) and, on the whole, non-stupid. The stupid people just make more of an impact, I guess.

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