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Anime Expo 2004

A scant four-and-a-half weeks after Fanime, Miss T and I made our way down south to Anime Expo in Anaheim. This year’s Expo had the highest attendance ever with 25,000+ attendees over the four-day festival. Miss T, Kamen Rider, and MissT’s sister and brother-in-law, The K&E Show, and I took in as much of the activity as we could. Some observations:

> Anaheim: pretty much nothing there besides Disneyland and the convention center
> Anaheim Marriott: good amount of elevators (except in parking garage)
> Hawaiian plate lunch will put you to sleep (thanks L&L Drive-in!)
> anime cosplay outfits get skimpier every year
> filming interviews takes longer than expected

We attended Expo as press this year to facilitate Max Pictures’ documentary project on anime and American pop culture. You can check out the Web site at maxpictures.com/anime. There are some production photos up now and more will be posted in upcoming weeks.

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