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Fanime 2004

Over Memorial Day weekend Miss T and I went to Fanime in San Jose. Fanime is a five-year-old NoCal anime convention and we decided to check it out this year as a pre-cursor to Anime Expo. The event was four-days long, and Miss T and I went for about two days (arrived Friday afternoon, left Sunday afternoon). Some observations:
> San Jose Marriott: not enough elevators
> lots of late night activity—gaming, film/video viewing
> printed program should include and correspond to map
> don’t eat at City Bar & Grill
> Gantt charts are best for showing schedules
> going as press is nice (though we really didn’t take advantage)
> San Jose downtown: dead during weekend
> con-goers act immature
> people are strange, when you’re a stranger

I have more observations but the above are the most useful (and make the most sense) to those of you who weren’t there.

Next stop: Anime Expo!

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