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Max Pictures and stuff

As some of you know, I take the train to work (Davis->Berkeley). To get to the train station in Davis, I ride my bicycle (it’s a ten-minute ride). Since Davis is pretty much flat, even an out-of-shape slug like me can get around by bike. But I tell you, when you’re running late for the train, a five-mile-per-hour headwind really sucks.

Not a lot going on around here. Summer is coming so things at UC Berkeley and UC Davis will quiet down a little. Consequently, there’ll be less slack-jawed students standing around blocking up the sidewalks, coffee shops, and eateries at lunchtime (matters to me in Berkeley) and at dinnertime (matters to me in Davis). Also, I’m hoping to put our new central air conditioning through its paces against Sacramento’s average 92°F summer temperature. Bring it on, Global Warming!

The Max Pictures site (v1.0) is up and running. Check it out at maxpictures.com. Train Life has been submitted to a couple of film festivals—no word yet on whether or not it’s been selected.

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