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Post holidays

Yes, the holidays are over. The last of the Christmas and New Year’s treats are gone, and the bills for the merrymaking are beginning to show up.

A couple of things:

The Train Life Web site is up. You can find out what happened to the interviewees, download pictures, find answers to those nagging Train Life questions in the FAQ, view the trailers (again), and later in the year, watch the movie. The site is located at: homepage.mac.com/calixton/trainlife. UPDATE: The Train Life site is at maxpictures.com/trainlife.

Animal Crossing has consumed Miss T’s and my life. Yes, it’s a video game. Kamen Rider, to a lesser degree, has also become an Animal Crosser. What’s this whole Animal Crossing thing about? Gene splicing? Cross-dressing? No, no. You can find out more about it at www.animal-crossing.com.

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