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Train Life update

Yes folks, Train Life is finally done. Actually, it’s not quite done, but I’ve decided to start showing it to people anyway.

After testing the movie on The Divine Miss T and Kamen Rider, I backed some unsuspecting co-workers into a corner and forced them to watch the whole 23-minute saga. Miss T and Kamen Rider, having watched the film some weeks ago, have almost fully recovered from their eye paralysis (surgery was required). The five co-workers who were recently Train Life-ed have been permanently struck blind—two of them actually gouged out their own eyes in an effort to, as one said, “make the bad pictures stop.”

Unfortunately for the university, I’ve planned an even broader showing of Train Life for January 2004. The resulting loss of life might possibly bring the whole school to a screeching halt. But, I suppose that’s the price the world will have to pay for Train Life to achieve Ringu-like infamy. You know, with the horror and screaming and death and all.

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