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The Matrix: Revolutions

On Tuesday night Miss T and I invited some friends over for a celebration of all things The Matrix, including viewings of The Matrix, selections from The Animatrix, and The Matrix: Reloaded. We were going to show some of the additional story from Enter the Matrix, but ran out of time—we finished up with Reloaded at around 3 a.m., and we still had to get some sleep before the 10:45 a.m. showing of The Matrix: Revolutions.

We were somewhat surprised that there was no line at Davis’ Holiday Cinema an hour before the show, and I was curious as to why the show hadn’t sold out (maybe all the early-adopters in Davis went to the 6 a.m. shows in Sacramento). In any event, our troupe entered the theatre, sat through the pre-trailers slide show and then trailers for The Last Samurai, Paycheck, The Return of the King, and The Punisher, and, finally, the movie started.

I liked it. Miss T liked it. Kamen Rider, Miss Cleo, and PR: Undercover liked it. That’s five for five. There were others in the audience who were unhappy with the conclusion of this multi-part story, but they can safely be written off as idiots, or more accurately, as “those who are too stupid to get it.”

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